The Freedom Caucus chair now wants the speaker’s help. Yes, you read that right.

Rep. Bob Good is the second straight chair of the conservative bloc to face political peril. This time it’s coming from within his own party.

The House Freedom Caucus has long hammered Republican speakers, and some of its members even helped oust one. That includes the group’s leader — who’s now imploring the new Republican speaker for help saving his seat.

It gets more awkward from there. Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.) is asking Speaker Mike Johnson for assistance. But as allies to former Speaker Kevin McCarthy vividly remember, the ex-GOP leader spent $2 million to help Good win in 2020, only to watch the conservative rebel help toss McCarthy overboard three years later.

The embattled Good now wants Johnson’s endorsement and a pledge not to help his primary opponent, who’s trying to turn support for former President Donald Trump into a wedge issue with the base. Good’s challenger is a major threat to the second-term Freedom Caucus chief’s future in Congress — and as center-right colleagues gang up on him, help from Johnson and his allies could be a major boon.

“I would think that he would endorse all the incumbents — I want everybody to endorse me, including the speaker,” Good told POLITICO when asked if he had raised the topic of an endorsement with Johnson, making clear that he wouldn’t delve further into “that private conversation.”

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